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KayRo Music

KayRo Music was founded by award-winning musician Robert Karasek. It’s a one-stop solution for the music + event industry.

The company offers services & solutions across the following areas:

Music Entertainment

Music Journalism

MI Consulting

Music Education

Robert Karasek

Robert Karasek is a multi-award winning keyboardist (piano, synthesizer, organ), known best for his ability to combine the best of two worlds: skilled keyboard playing & tasteful sounds.

Throughout the years he has performed in major venues across Europe and for some of the finest (corporate) events.

You can find him involved in huge show productions, being on stage with artists or doing demo shows for the music industry.

As a skilled studio musician and session player Robert adds his rich keyboard tonalities and sound programming ingenuity to music of all types and does session work for artists.

Since 1999, he is doing remote sessions via his service Online Keyboard Recording.

Robert is founder of the company NiteCrawlers.
NiteCrawlers is a live music entertainment company specializing in the sports hospitality sector.

The company earned its prominent reputation by providing exceptional live entertainment and is highly recognized for their unique style & event experiences.

Most remarkable events they have officially been involved in & delivered live entertainment:


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